To you, valued reader:

I’m offering and new and exciting approach to Family Medicine based on a “membership” model of care.

My goal is to provide you with a high level of personal, predictable, participatory, primary care attention between and during visits; to spend quality time with you to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed, and for you have with a clear plan for next steps for your most important healthcare needs.

More Personalized Care for You

This ” direct care“, personalized approach to medical care provides extended and relaxed office visits, to focus on your unique healthcare needs. In between visits, I am able to spend more time reviewing current research about your specific illness or other health concerns and deliver the most up-to-date primary care . When helpful and needed, I coordinate  directly with your other medical providers. I focus more thoroughly, usually with functional medicine or lifestyle medicine tools, on chronic disease management and disease prevention – cornerstones of primary care.

In my low volume practice, you will be able to schedule office visits without having to wait days or weeks for an appointment. As a part of custom care, after normal office hours, you may call, email, or text me – whatever is most convenient for you. I can handle most urgent after-hours concerns with a virtual visit, but if not, I can meet you at the office.

Become a Member for All-Inclusive Care

To provide this level of personalized and comprehensive primary care, I must limit the size of my practice and will no longer depend on billing health insurance plans.  Instead, my patients will be a part of an affordable and valuable monthly membership program.

Joining my practice will allow you to receive all-inclusive personalized, participatory primary care and enjoy many significant benefits not typically found in a medical practice – which translates into better health and vitality for you:

  • Longer, more relaxed appointments which allows time and space to address more than one of your concerns in the same visit
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience
  • Brief or no office wait times so you can get on with your day
  • Easy and direct communication with me via cell phone, text messaging, or email – possibly eliminating the need for an appointment altogether
  • Home visits when appropriate
  • Reduced likelihood of emergency department visits and hospitalization
  • Video conferencing to address many of your healthcare needs face to face without the inconvenience of a trip to our office
  • Fast and direct communication with you about lab work or diagnostic tests for your peace of mind
  • Ability to directly access your health records through our patient portal
  • Hospitalization advocacy to provide guidance in options and decisions
  • My direct communication and coordination with your medical specialists
  • NO co-pays or deductible for my services
  • Discounted tests and meds

My new practice is also ideally suited for patients with chronic or complex diseases requiring extra time and attention. With a focus on family medicine with a holistic, whole person, integrated medicine, using functional or lifestyle medicine tools and practices to restore health function whenever possible, my practice has much to offer you.

Comprehensive Insurance is Important

Although your membership fee will cover the vast majority of your primary care needs, it is essential that you and your family maintain a medical insurance policy to cover those medical fees not included in your membership (such as hospitalizations, services provided by specialists, high ticket diagnostic testing and prescription drugs).

How to become a member or get more information

To become a new member, or get more information about the practice, please contact me as soon as possible. I am filling my practice on a first come basis, and will then maintain a waiting list.

For more information, you may call:  970-493-1027.

Of course, I am happy to discuss membership with you over the phone or at my office as well.



Linda A Burnham MD
DBA: Dr Lindy MD