My goal is to provide you, at your appointment, a high level of personal attention to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed such that you leave my office with a clear plan for your next steps.

I want you to engage in shared decision-making and agreed upon action plan, to move into the practice of optimum health, else improved health.

My role as a physician teacher is to provide you with knowledge and tools to manage your health concerns, to provide primary care services, and to navigate our complex healthcare system when needed.

I teach the art and science of practicing wellness: how to breathe well, eat well, especially plant-based foods, pee and poop well, sleep well, relax well, exercise and move well, move to and maintain your ideal body weight, while all around you, life is constantly changing. When your body and energy systems are in balance, you are at low risk for chronic disease.

I see the human body as a human energy system. Our emotional anatomy is as real and well ordered as our physical anatomy. Each of us is more than our bodies. Our soul is attached to our bodies, and so much more.

In my office, we focus on the mind-body, including emotional-body’s ability to heal, acute medical illnesses, chronic conditions, and when needed, link to outside medical and health care providers.